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Who controls your digital identity?
ID Exchange (formerly Cloud Insurance) is working to bring simple ways to enable individuals to control, audit and effectively self manage privacy aspects and data permission rights relating to your unique digital identity.

Regain Control

Massive amounts of electronic information is being passed, processed and used in the public and private sector as we edge closer to the nirvana of an open-data society. Yet, as in any industrial revolution, we need to be mindful of emerging issues the new digital era embodies.

Your once-static identity has morphed into a digital form. The real cause for public concern is the fact that so many organisations want to collect this primary data.

By leveraging new technologies, ID Exchange (formerly Cloud Insurance) is crafting tools for the connected society to assist with the interplay, security and ownership of your important digital identity.

We are developing identity access management solutions, with social advocacy in mind, to empower you with choice, privacy and basic data usage rights.

We enable your comprehensive rights by:
  • Assisting individuals to easily manage their data access options.
  • Driving compliance and consent management efficiencies for data holders and risk controllers.
  • Reducing potential cyber threats, data misuse, reputational exposures and data breaches.
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