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Enhanced control over your 

data privacy 
and digital identity.
Providing your personal data for free often comes with consequences.
We will provide you with options to enable 
de-identification of personal data.

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Why privacy matters

Public concern in our connected society regarding personal data risks and digital privacy rights is gaining global momentum and is currently a very hot topic.   

Surrounded by the Internet of Things, privacy is discussed at all social levels as individuals grapple with the aspects of their own or family members online, digital and personal data security. With the continued rise in personal or sensitive data information breaches, cyber attacks and unintended reputational damage, it is clear individuals need Privacy Enhancing Technology (PeT) to more effectively protect their digital life.

Growing personal data issues is what compelled the Founders to design a simple App to limit ones digital exposures in order to assist people to easily manage (comprehensive rights) to control who they grant data access by providing auditable consent receipts via our centralised Opt Out or Opt In App. 

With the added observations of how children and young adults interface with internet connected devices, often without a firm understanding the potential risks or ramifications of how personal data, Geo-location and identity information is collected or used, we understand the vital importance of providing a centralised, trusted, transparent, secure and compliant service.
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