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Comprehensive rights
In the digital economy your electronic consent will be a record of compliance which needs to be self managed, audited and tracked. 

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Your data assets

In a connected society you will interface and interact with countless data systems, devices and service providers who will seek to register your online or electronic consent by way of Opt In and Opt Out compliance controls.

People find it hard to remember, manage and control all of these data notifications, unsubscribes or Opt Out/In decisions which are very important as they indicate your consent which in many instances permits data holders the right to access your personally identifiable information.

We want to assist you by making it safer and easier to activate, record and audit these permissions as in many instances you are not provided a consent receipt which we will resolve. We wish to educate and empower your "comprehensive rights" for privacy and data access by automating the process in line with privacy legislation which is designed to protect you.

One's digital identity is an important asset and a key future commodity. The right to change your decisions by way of Opt Out and Opt In is to be expected, just as service providers will often change their offerings, terms and conditions or policies. The Opt Out app will provide bi-lateral notices providing proof of evidence of all actions so you can regain centralised control in your digital life.
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